Intensely flavourful yet perfectly natural, our sweet cream spreads are made from prime-quality ingredients, free from palm oil and gluten.

We’re always looking into new recipes to satisfy even the most demanding palates, paying close attention to the origin and outstanding quality of the ingredients.


Sweet cream spreads made according to the most traditional of recipes.

Quality ingredients for a tasty, supremely versatile Italian product aimed at large retail chain.

LeCioccole Fit

Both delicious and wholesome, these products are aimed at athletes, those following a low-calorie diet or simply keen to watch their weight while enjoying some sweet treats.

Rich in protein (more than 20%) and low in carbohydrates, they’re the perfect breakfast or snack to enjoy all the sweet flavour with none of the guilt.

Recipes made without ingredients of animal origin, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.  


A superior-quality range of sweet cream spreads with an authentic flavour, made with just a few outstanding, carefully selected ingredients for an intense, enchanting flavour.

A vegan range made without ingredients of animal origin is also available, perfect for vegetarian or vegan diets. A tasty, natural product.

Italian products distributed exclusively to pastry shops, bakeries, delicatessens and other specialised shops.


Our small biscuits and pastries range includes a variety of mouth-watering specialities for sharing: delicious biscuits to accompany a cup of tea or coffee, or simply for a sweet snack.

The fragrant shortcrust base and soft cream and jam fillings ensure our tasty LaBakery range appeals to every palate.

Linea Professional

These products are designed to offer a practical, functional solution for professionals who need to fill and decorate sweet products of various kinds.

Our range for professionals in the confectionery sector (factories, artisan workshops, the catering and food service industry) includes tubs and piping bags of sweet cream spreads, in a variety of weights and packaging.

Croissants, cream puffs, pancakes, waffles, crêpes, macarons, sponges, chocolates, ice cream, tigelle buns, piadinas, etc.: there are numerous uses for our sweet cream spreads.