Moments worth sharing

Sweet cream spreads, small biscuits and pastries
to sweeten every occasion

Our goodness

We offer a wide range of sweet cream spreads and a selection of small biscuits and pastries.

We choose the finest ingredients to create recipes in keeping with the delicious Italian tradition, to offer our customers a sweet, tasty treat.

My personal filling!

Cacao Professional presents a new Creamy Idea dedicated to professionals in the field: offer to your customers a personalized filling, thanks to our practical sac à poche: everyone can savor your sweet pastry at home choosing their favorite filling flavour!

Good at all times,
ideal for your recipes!

Cream spreads perfect for…

fill and decorate desserts, spread on bread, combined with fruit or eaten in spoonful!

Small biscuits and pastries

Give yourself a sweet moment to share with guests.

A flavour for everyone

Choose your favorite sweet cream spreads, they are made with the highest quality ingredients.